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  KAMAZ Truck sales

Hundreds of thousands of vehicles made by KAMAZ are operated in the areas of the Far North and in the tropics, in deserts and high mountainous terrain. The trucks have many applications. They are reliable in operation at ambient temperatures ranging from + 45 to - 40 degrees Celsius, relative humidity — up to 98 per cent at +35 degrees C, dust contamination — up to 1.0 g/cm3 and wind speed — up to 20 meters per second. With appropriately modified traction and dynamics KAMAZ trucks are capable of negotiating ascents 4000 meters high above sea level.

Adequate combination of power rating, speed and load lifting capacity ensures proper vehicle operation from the point of view of economy. Easy-to-maneuver and durable trucks have earned drivers' acclaim. KAMAZ trucks are responsive to driver's control, easy to maintain and to repair.

The range of products manufactured by KAMAZ factory includes vehicles with GVW from 8 to 40 tons, working in trains with up to 97 tons GVW. KAMAZ factory produces more than 30 models of vehicles and about 300 of their versions, among which there are cargo trucks and prime movers, tippers, chassis for superstructures with 4x2, 4x4, 4x6, 6x6, 8x4, 8x8 wheel arrangement and these trucks are equipped with engines satisfying EURO-2 standards.

Cargo trucks KAMAZ-53212, KAMAZ-65117, KAMAZ-4308, tractive units KAMAZ-54115, KAMAZ-5460, KAMAZ-65116, KAMAZ-44108, KAMAZ-6460 with increased load lifting capacity are especially useful in carrying lengthy cargoes, they are economical on high speed long hauls, dump trucks KAMAZ- 55111, KAMAZ-65115, KAMAZ-6520, KAMAZ-6522 are widely used on construction sites and in quarries. Availability of dumping body heating system facilitates truck unloading in winter. For agricultural applications dump truck tractive unit KAMAZ-55102 with two side unloading is available.

All-wheel-drive off road vehicles KAMAZ-43118, KAMAZ-43114 are used for personnel transportation and cargo transportation in cross country conditions.

Two-axle trucks KAMAZ-4308, KAMAZ-43253 are new models of KAMAZ trucks. Their efficiency is achieved owing to lower fuel consumption, reduced use of materials, reduced vehicle proper weight.

KAMAZ vehicles are suitable not only for the transportation of the most various cargoes and people but for installation of the different kind of unified bodies and diverse equipment.

KAMAZ vehicles successfully work in more than 60 countries. KAMAZ distribution network consist of more than 200 dealers all over the world. It allows delivering to the buyers the products and providing them with guarantee and post-guarantee maintenance of the vehicles and spare parts supply.

Today we are offering: - cargo, trucks, tippers, prime movers for farming applications

and for carrying bulk cargoes and cargoes for construction purposes:

- KAMAZ-53215, KAMAZ-65117, KAMAZ-54115, KAMAZ-65116, KAMAZ-44108; KAMAZ-55111, KAMAZ-65115, KAMAZ-6520.

KAMAZ — is one of the ten world largest truck makers;

  • occupies the eighth position in the world in the volume of production of truck diesel engines;
  • is a producer of more than 30 models and 300 versions of the KAMAZ trucks;
  • produces the wide range of the products (wheel arrangement from 4x2 to 8x8 and GVW from 8t. to 97t. (gross train weight));
  • is a fivefold winner of Paris-Dakar Rally;
  • exports its product to more than 60 countries all over the world

KAMAZ truck is an invention of the epoch. To prove this statement, KAMAZ specialists report the results of tests and exploitation of KAMAZ trucks. For instance, an average transportation rate on foreign trucks in Russia is 30-40 rubles per kilometer and on KAMAZ trucks it is only 18-23 rubles. It means that an owner of KAMAZ trucks gets additional income of 1 million rubles from each truck at 100,000 km haul per year!

This is the secret of so big popularity of KAMAZ dump-trucks: they give quicker and bigger earnings. During repair works on the first large-diameter gas pipeline Bukhara-Ural, it appeared that heavy haulers KAMAZ-65225, -65226, -65228, meant for road-trains weighing 60-120 tonnes are 5-10 times more efficient than MZKT, KZKT and FAUN.

The first all-wheel drive KAMAZ truck was not different from Ural, KrAZ or Tatr trucks of the 1980s. However, a talented team can make incredible things. Off-road race vehicle KAMAZ-4911 is the distant descendant of that model. With this vehicle, a team of KAMAZ racers has won the prestigious race Dakar seven times, of which five times were in a row. Nobody has surpassed this result yet.

All these facts confirm that in some fields of motor-car construction

Russian companies are the best.


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